When are you open? Why the weird hours?
Carolina Urban Lumber can be reached by email or phone Monday through Saturday, though we prefer email, (it's loud in the shop.) At the moment, our hours for wood sales are Wednesday through Friday between 9am and 2pm and Saturday between 9am and 1pm. We are happy to see clients for custom build consultations on Monday and Tuesday with an email appointment. We are a small company and simply do not have the bandwidth to do what we do with Charlotte’s tree canopy while simultaneously offering the high level of customer service to which we're dedicated. Sorry for any inconvenience. We hope to be open six days a week for walk-ins in the near future. Please Contact Us if you'd like to schedule an appointment.  

How is urban lumber different from reclaimed lumber?
Carolina Urban Lumber is a custom furniture and urban lumber yard, meaning, we recover trees and divert them from the landfill and make them into first run lumber and heirloom quality furniture. Reclaimed lumber means the timbers were previously used in a construction project and have now been processed to allow them to be re-used.  

I have a beautiful walnut tree in my backyard, how much will you pay me for it?
$0. As much as we would love to have access to every hardwood in Charlotte, the moment we write you a check, every Tom, Dick, and Sally will cut down their tree and our canopy will be gone.


Can you cut down my tree?
No. Carolina Urban Lumber is not a tree company, nor are we licensed to cut down trees. We can recommend a few great tree companies in Charlotte with whom we’ve worked with before and believe are “doing the right thing” with Charlotte’s trees. However, if your tree is already on the ground, we could come take it for a small fee. Learn more here.

Can I get a discount from the tree company for giving you the logs? 
In some cases a tree company may give you a small discount because they will save time not having to chip and haul the log away to a landfill. Before you do so, please Contact Us to ensure your tree fits within our sawmill parameters. We have to be picky with what we accept at the moment. Unfortunately, we cannot do anything with your rotted willow oak.

Can you take any tree for reuse?
Sadly, we cannot. We have specific parameters involving size, species and access which must be met to allow a tree to be turned into lumber or heirloom quality furniture. We will need to analyze each tree's specifics before we can agree to reuse it. Please Contact Us for more info.  


Can I bring my log to you to be milled?
Yes, we will happily mill your log at our sawmill. Please Contact Us to get more information and for an estimate.

I milled my own log. Can you dry my slabs/lumber?
Yes, however the moisture content of your wood will dictate when it can fit in our schedule and for how long it will take. Please Contact Us and we’ll take it from there.


Can you prepare the lumber I buy?
Yes, Carolina Urban Lumber offers jointing, planing and flattening as an add-on services. For outside or personal wood, we charge a 15% additional fee.

Do you make furniture?
Heirloom quality furniture is our bread and butter as they say. We specialize in custom one-off pieces including conference room and dining tables, mantels, floating shelves, counter tops and bar tops. If you’ve ever been to a dinner party in Dilworth, held an importnat conference call in Uptown, or relaxed your beer on a live-edge slab bar top in one of Charlotte’s premier breweries, chances are you’ve seen our work.

Will you apply finish to the wood I purchase?
Carolina Urban Lumber prides itself in the quality of our finishes and will happily share that craftsmanship on a piece that you’ve taken time in building yourself. Please Contact Us to get more information and for an estimate.