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Current Positions:

Frontline Specialist

We are a growing lumber yard, slab warehouse, and furniture business based in Pineville, NC that offers its employees hands-on experience in a flourishing and sustainable industry.

The Company: Carolina Urban Lumber makes heirloom quality furniture from landfill-diverted trees.  We are best known for our counter tops, bar tops, tables, and shelves seen around town and enjoyed by individuals and businesses alike.

  • Our products are hyper-local, using felled trees from the Charlotte, NC area.

  • We are committed to “reducing waste by repurposing trees to their upcycled prime”

The Position: We’re looking for Frontline Specialist to promote and help Carolina Urban Lumber grow.  The pay range we’re offering is $15-$17 an hour based on experience. This position will immediately require 20 hours a week with the opportunity to grow to more in the future.


  • Customer-Facing Presence; Friendly and Welcoming

  • Ability to multi-task

  • Salesperson mentality with ability to translate customer’s ideas into solutions

  • Capable of lifting and moving heavy (~80lbs) and odd-shaped lumber and wood slabs

  • Anticipates shop’s needs and assists outside of own duties


  • Manage and run Carolina Urban Lumber's retail space

  • Assist customers in daily wood transactions

  • Be knowledgeable about Carolina Urban Lumber’s products and services:

    • Lumber

    • Slabs

    • Ecopoxy and Rubio Monocoat

    • Custom Furniture Builds

  • Assist the Shop Manager in maintaining a clean and organized shop

  • Keep retail space stocked and presentable


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